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Tiberio Gonzáles from Peru

is the artisan in the spotlight this week

Artisan Tiberio Gonzáles

Born in Ayacucho, Peru in 1949, Tiberio Gonzáles moved to Lima as a teenager to find work. "By chance, I was offered a job cutting gemstones, and, thanks to my teacher, I learned the craft," he recalls. "I love the gems of Peru with all their beautiful colors. I worked with that teacher for five years and then decided to learn the art of jewelry. That's when I discovered the true value and beauty of stones. Each stone encloses an infinite number of colors and tones. You can see a natural landscape in each stone, when you closely observe it.

"My inspiration comes from the stones themselves. When I hold a gemstone in my hands, I see what that particular stone is best suited for and how to best develop it. I combine stones with Peruvian silver; this is how each of my creations is born. I try to use these natural elements in different and unusual ways, with the authenticity of Peru inherent in my style."

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