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Goal: 20,000 Progress: 4,683
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Big banks are perpetuating America's economic problems by continuously making poor decisions. The banking system based on gambles and promises has left more people in financial distress than at almost any other time in history.

Many banking executives who made decisions that have created the current crisis are still in power. They enjoy enormous bonuses while their questionable leadership choices increase their personal wealth at the expense of the poor and middle class. We cannot allow these leaders to carry on with their tricks and irresponsibility. They must not profit while expanding the gap between America's rich and poor.

Sign the petition telling the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee to crack down on these businesses and create legislation that will enforce corporate responsibility.

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Dear Senator Tim Johnson:

As you know, our nation's financial situation has become worse than almost ever before. With banks haphazardly lending, gambling, and hiding information about their inside operations, it seems the American people have no one to trust when it comes to their economic safety in this day and age. Gone are the days when we could deposit our money into a reputable bank and leave without worrying it won't be there the next day. Sadly, this is the reality we all now face.

The government cannot continue to support the sheer senselessness and lack of regard for common people that the Wall Street banks are purporting. The US government must represent its constituents' best interest at all times, and unfortunately, has not been doing so with regards to this matter.

As the Senate Banking Committee Chairman, you have the responsibility to make sure those you represent have a voice. As of now, those who need help the most aren't getting it, and those who need it the least are walking away with billions of dollars. Something is wrong here. Please take the necessary steps to address this problem, whether it be through legislation, lobbying, or simply talking to your colleagues as often as possible about the financial crisis Americans are facing as a result of greedy Wall Street bank tactics.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

May 20, 2017 Patricia Poole
May 20, 2017 Shirley Troia
May 19, 2017 Jeffrey Bains
May 18, 2017 cindy Stein
May 18, 2017 Ken Stein
May 14, 2017 Howard Block
May 13, 2017 CHRIS GILL
May 6, 2017 Robin Breeze
May 4, 2017 Amina Jamal
May 4, 2017 Virginia Olson
May 3, 2017 Sharon Sutton
Apr 27, 2017 JODI ABEL
Apr 27, 2017 Kevin Duffy
Apr 25, 2017 Robin Foster
Apr 25, 2017 Chris Ambrose
Apr 20, 2017 michele rule
Apr 20, 2017 Patrizia Lazzeri Big banks are perpetuating America's economic problems by continuously making poor decisions. Government cannot continue to support the sheer senselessness & lack of regard for common people that the Wall Street banks are purporting.
Apr 18, 2017 K M The banking system is basically broken, and really needs fixing.
Apr 17, 2017 giuseppina bertani
Apr 17, 2017 cynthia wedlund We can not afford another "depression" You have a duty to protect our people
Apr 17, 2017 Vasilis Nisiotis
Apr 17, 2017 amanda curry
Apr 17, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 16, 2017 Susan Rubin
Apr 16, 2017 Joyce Haskins
Apr 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 16, 2017 Jim Losinsky
Apr 15, 2017 Lynette Espinoza That these banking executives are still in power shows just how crooked the banking system is and has been for too long. We have a government who will not take them on and fight for the people. Shameful!
Apr 15, 2017 Judy Nelson
Apr 14, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 14, 2017 Lisa Briggs
Apr 14, 2017 Emmanuel Xerias
Apr 13, 2017 Dianne Borror
Apr 13, 2017 Tod Stewart
Apr 12, 2017 Samanhtha Honowitz
Apr 12, 2017 Carol Cyr
Apr 12, 2017 Anita Alexander Ashamed and embarrassed by the behavior of the republicans. Do they not care about their own families?
Apr 12, 2017 Sandra Holbrook
Apr 12, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 12, 2017 Teresa Foster
Apr 12, 2017 Bill LaFleur
Apr 7, 2017 Deborah Herath
Apr 6, 2017 J. Scott
Apr 4, 2017 Ed Askins
Apr 4, 2017 Darren Mitton
Apr 3, 2017 Casey Muhs
Apr 3, 2017 Barb Breese
Apr 2, 2017 Dawn Handelsman
Apr 1, 2017 Michalla Sutton

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