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Advisory Text: June 4, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the violent crackdown of peaceful pro-democracy protestors in Tiananmen Square, China. A quarter-century after this brutal event, the protestors' brave confrontation of an unjust, repressive government continues to inspire human rights activists all around the world. Sign the pledge today to show your solidarity.
Goal: 20,000 Progress: 4,039
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On June 4, 1989, what started as a seven-week peaceful, pro-democracy rally turned into a massacre on the streets of Beijing. The world watched in horror as the Chinese military ruthlessly turned its weapons on its own people who non-violently demanded reform in their government, freedom of speech, and freedom of press.

These demonstrators were repressed by hardline leaders who ordered the military to enforce martial law in the country's capital. Unarmed civilians who attempted to block the military's advance towards the students' camp at Tiananmen Square were attacked by troops with assault rifles and in tanks.

Many lost their lives or were wounded by the Chinese military. It is unknown exactly how many, the numbers suppressed by Chinese officials. Numerous leaders of the movement were arrested.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has worked hard to erase the event from Chinese history and culture. The Chinese are forbidden from discussing what took place on June 4, 1989 and state-run media blocks or censors any information relating to the massacre.

But the world has not forgotten.

China needs to know that the world remembers the terrible tragedy of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Sign your name below showing you remember for the Pro-Democracy Movement in Tiananmen Square in 1989 and honor those who made sacrifices in the name of democracy in China. Their confrontation of an unjust, repressive government continues to inspire human rights activists all around the world.

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Petition Signatures

Nov 24, 2016 Sissel Frettim
Nov 23, 2016 libby berman
Nov 20, 2016 Diana Noel-Labieniec
Nov 15, 2016 Marsha Croner
Nov 10, 2016 Eve Delmonte
Nov 10, 2016 Libby esther berman
Oct 31, 2016 Paula Lewis
Oct 31, 2016 marilyn karwoski
Oct 19, 2016 josilda dantas
Oct 19, 2016 Susan Ellis
Oct 19, 2016 OSVALDO TOMAS
Oct 13, 2016 Cindy austin
Oct 12, 2016 Alicia .L. Denofrio
Oct 12, 2016 patty langford
Sep 28, 2016 Dee Ann Neely
Sep 26, 2016 Roxanne Pranger
Sep 22, 2016 Charmaine MacDonald
Sep 21, 2016 Denise Plymale
Sep 15, 2016 Lauren Clayton
Sep 15, 2016 Raphaël PONCE
Sep 15, 2016 Gloriana Roig
Sep 14, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Sep 13, 2016 Keith D'Alessandro
Sep 13, 2016 Kim Holec
Sep 13, 2016 Robert B. Kaplan
Sep 13, 2016 Linda Mattice
Sep 12, 2016 Nina Domergue
Sep 9, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Sep 9, 2016 Julia Russo
Sep 7, 2016 Sharon Sutton
Sep 6, 2016 Sharon Evans-Ford
Sep 5, 2016 Brian Cumber
Sep 4, 2016 Leslie Hussey
Sep 3, 2016 Nick Stockbridge
Sep 3, 2016 Martina Dinale Never forget .
Sep 3, 2016 Cheri Alexander
Sep 1, 2016 Ken Stein
Sep 1, 2016 Averill Waterhouse
Sep 1, 2016 Sam McLeod
Sep 1, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Aug 31, 2016 Vivian Le
Aug 22, 2016 Terry Kostiuk
Aug 22, 2016 Kathy Semic People should be FREE,,,,everywhere !!!
Aug 19, 2016 Mayara Andressa
Aug 18, 2016 David Bott
Aug 9, 2016 sanya gnc
Aug 9, 2016 Diane Arnal
Aug 6, 2016 rebecca hokins
Jul 31, 2016 sara elkins
Jul 30, 2016 Kathy Smith

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