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CEDAW, also known as the Women's Treaty and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, calls for the equal treatment of women everywhere with regards to domestic violence, maternal health, economic security, and human trafficking. While the United States has signed the treaty, it still has yet to ratify it.

The US needs to ratify CEDAW in order to continue the discussion of women's rights and equality in an international forum. Sign the petition asking Congress to do the right thing for women around the world and ratify the Women's Treaty.

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Dear Congress,

As a passionate advocate for women's rights, I urge you to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women treaty. While it was signed by Jimmy Carter in 1980, it still has yet to be ratified by the US.

CEDAW outlines core principles with regards to human rights, specifically those of women around the world. It's a well-known fact that while American women for the most part enjoy total equality, women from other countries aren't as fortunate. Many women still face domestic violence, lack of education and opportunities, oppression, and discrimination.

As an international leader in the pursuit of equal human rights, the US needs to set the example for the rest of the world. Ratification requires two-thirds of the Senate to vote in favor of it. Please see that you and your colleagues vote to help women everywhere achieve equality.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Nov 28, 2015 frances surratt
Nov 28, 2015 Fatma Öncü
Nov 27, 2015 Wilhelmina Edelston
Nov 25, 2015 Penny Fleischman
Nov 24, 2015 gwen p
Nov 23, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Nov 23, 2015 rachelle smith
Nov 19, 2015 Leanne Rathmell
Nov 17, 2015 Elma Pjanic
Nov 16, 2015 Robert Parker
Nov 16, 2015 Marga Childs
Nov 16, 2015 Kathleen Moraski
Nov 15, 2015 Marie Hemphill
Nov 15, 2015 raleigh koritz
Nov 14, 2015 ginger northcutt all women should be protected from violence and have the opportunity to thrive.
Nov 14, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Nov 13, 2015 Andrelene Babbitt
Nov 8, 2015 Bettyann Reed
Nov 7, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Nov 7, 2015 Adelina Jaudal
Nov 7, 2015 Betty Mann
Nov 5, 2015 Shannon Steele
Nov 5, 2015 Robin Gregory
Nov 3, 2015 Tracy Mallon
Nov 3, 2015 jeanine flaton
Nov 3, 2015 Glen Anderson
Nov 3, 2015 Frank Benjamin
Nov 1, 2015 Bob Brucker
Oct 30, 2015 Allan Kaopua
Oct 30, 2015 Júlia Asbóth
Oct 27, 2015 Mariah Oyondi
Oct 24, 2015 Orva M Gullett
Oct 24, 2015 mary beth toth
Oct 23, 2015 Brittney Martin
Oct 22, 2015 michael hinshaw It is hypocritical of the US to criticize other nations concerning their violations of the CEDAW treaty when the US has not even ratified it.
Oct 21, 2015 Ben Cooper
Oct 20, 2015 Rosie Albanese
Oct 20, 2015 Tamara Miller
Oct 20, 2015 Erica Pinto
Oct 20, 2015 Ana Rivera
Oct 19, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Oct 18, 2015 Allison ODell This is waaaay overdue! Federal Legislators want our votes & taxes, yet still fall short of fair and equal legislation for women.
Oct 18, 2015 Tracy Durden
Oct 18, 2015 evangelia christopher
Oct 17, 2015 Lindsay Natarelli
Oct 16, 2015 Terri Waits
Oct 15, 2015 jane gilmore
Oct 15, 2015 Catherine Lundoff
Oct 15, 2015 James Bland Please support and ratify the CEDAW treaty. To allow women everywhere to have human rights

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