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Sunshine Daydream Jacket - On Sale And Helps Fund A Bus Ride To School!

Why It Matters

When you shop our fair-trade sale, you're not just getting a good deal. You are also doing extra good for girls in need of our help.

Girls in Afghanistan face terror every day. They've been threatened, and had acid thrown at their faces, just for wanting to go to school. This isn't right.

Shop Our Sale To Give Them A Safe School Bus! »

It's Just Coffee. Right?

Steaming cup of coffee

At Jhai Coffee House, it's not just a cuppa coffee. Aroma, flavor, ambiance - these are only the starting points.
Jhai takes us all so much farther »

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Help provide new shoes to children in need in Bolivia.

Abel is a 13-year-old who lives in the rural community of Chiara. There are 250 inhabitants there, engaged in raising sheep, growing and harvesting potatoes, coffee, and bananas. The nearby school and hospital are approximately 10 miles away, which he has to walk daily without real shoes, in just sandals that are falling apart. He begins classes at 8am but has to leave home at 6am to get there on time. Without proper shoes getting an education and being able to work is extremely painful and difficult for him. Abel is not alone, many children in Bolivia suffer from similar plights.

You can help.

Learn How!

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