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Latest News at The Hunger Site Articles

Volunteering Keeps Food Banks Serving

Apr 18, 2013: Every year, volunteers make the work of food banks possible. Watch this inspirational video.

Mother Inspires Nyaya To Use Crowdsourcing

Apr 9, 2013: A teenager's mother walked eight hours with her daughter through extreme terrain every three weeks to get her the care she needed. The hospital staff matched that commitment by asking people around the world to help.

Feeding the World's Hungry Is Now Even Easier

Mar 12, 2013: Thanks to new navigation and a more intuitive interface, helping your favorite cause is always just a click away. Read about five easy ways to help at The Hunger Site.

FRN Aims At Eliminating Campus Food Waste Nationwide

Feb 4, 2013: Expanding into a national movement, the Food Recovery Network helps student volunteers turn uneaten cafeteria meals into help for the homeless.

New study shows SNAP is not enough

Jan 23, 2013: Although Congress voted to extend SNAP on Jan. 1 as part of the Farm Bill, they did make significant cuts to the already fragile program.

Helping Syrian refugees survive the winter

Jan 15, 2013: Watch how Mercy Corps helping more than 450,000 refugees and host community members in Jordan and Lebanon meet their most urgent needs for water, warmth and safety.

Conditions grow desperate at Zaatari camp

Jan 10, 2013: Rains and wind have swamped the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, imperiling lives of Syrian refugees and aid workers.

Incidence of hunger in America continues to rise

Dec 4, 2012: One in 10 adults went without a basic need (food, medicine, or health care) in order to provide food for another family member.

Video crew helps turns likes into meals

Nov 29, 2012: On The Leesh Production teamed up with a local soup kitchen to turn Facebook likes into meals.

Clinton Foundation brings 1,000 volunteers to Rockaways

Nov 19, 2012: Numerous groups joined together to help in the post-Sandy clean-up efforts.

Cold weather hinders aid to Syrian refugees

Nov 15, 2012: Dozens of aid groups scramble to provide blankets and other necessary supplies to thousands of Syrian refugees threatened by dropping temperatures.

Out-of-state firefighters volunteer in New York

Nov 9, 2012: Out-of-state firefighters helped search for people "left behind" in New York.

Bad weather predicted for East Coast

Nov 5, 2012: A new storm may complicate clean-up efforts throughout the East Coast as per this CBS News report.

Benefit concert held for victims of Hurricane Sandy

Nov 2, 2012: NBC hosted a benefit concert today for victims of Hurricane Sandy with some of NJ natives donating time and talent.

Disney donates $2 million to hurricane relief

Nov 2, 2012: ABC will broadcast a "Day of Giving" on Nov. 5 to help hurricane relief efforts.
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