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Latest Global Solutions: Eco-Friendly News Articles

CSU students can go meatless on Monday

Oct 4, 2012: The Meatless Monday campaign began in 2003 at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to promote cutting out meat one day a week for the health of the planet.

American satellite data could predict African droughts

Aug 2, 2012: Watch this Reuters video to learn more about how free data available from the U.S. agencies could help world leaders predict droughts and better manage food resources.

Global markets can make a difference for Africa

Nov 21, 2011: In a recent editorial published by Christian Science Monitor, GreaterGood Network CEO Tim Kunin argues that Africa's greatest resource in the 21st century will be its artisans.

UNICEF heading effort to improve Zimbabwe's water

Jul 1, 2011: In an effort to prevent cholera from returning, UNICEF and other humanitarian groups are supplying water treatment chemicals to Zimbabwe that will last through March 2012, according to IRIN News.

Conference in Nebraska to focus on global water and food security

Mar 22, 2011: The Water for Food Conference will be held in Lincoln, Nebraska from May 1 to 4 with the theme "Paths to Solutions."

High-zinc rice could help food security

Mar 11, 2011: As the country with the highest rate of rice consumption per person, Bangladesh is poised to find bio-fortification methods in order to insure food security for its 158.6 million people, according to IRIN News.

Agro-ecology crucial to food security

Mar 9, 2011: Whether one calls it agro-ecology, sustainable farming or organic farming, a move away from industrial agriculture towards environmentally and socially conscious farming is necessary to ensure food security.

Biotechnology crucial for future global food security

Feb 22, 2011: According to a recent article in the Des Moines Register, the United States' status as a world leader in biotechnology and genetically modified foods is a very good thing.

UN top climate official warns against global warming

Feb 15, 2011: On February 15, Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), issued a statement warning against climate instability, according to the New York Times.

Aquaculture: fish farming's potential for global food security

Feb 7, 2011: In the same month that riots in Egypt erupted over food security and rising global food prices, the United Nations released a report on the potential of fish farming to bolster food security in the world.

India to receive U.K.-backed support for food security research

Jan 28, 2011: Britain and India will be teaming up on a new research initiative aimed at improving the sustainability of staple food crops and tackling other global hunger issues around India and the rest of the developing world.

Organic farming could improve Nigeria's food security

Jan 27, 2011: A network of researchers, farmers and citizens known as the Nigerian Organic Agriculture Network (NOAN) has begun a national initiative in Nigeria to shift their economy toward organic food production.

U.K. scientists developing eco-friendly pesticides

Jan 24, 2011: Scientists at Glyndŵr University in Wrexham, Wales, are working on developing an eco-friendly insect spray that uses pheromones to stop pests from mating and laying eggs.

Kenya expresses interest in using science and technology to increase food security

Jan 21, 2011: Kenya's officials have expressed an interest in using science and technology breakthroughs to bolster food production and adapt to sustainable farming methods in the nation, according to a statement released Tuesday.

World Bank irrigation program brings eco-stability to India

Jan 19, 2011: Villagers and farmers in the Kancheepuram district of India are some of the most recent recipients of the World Bank's Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water Bodies Restoration and Management (IAMWARM) project, according to The Times of India.
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