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Latest Food Security News Articles

New study shows SNAP is not enough

Jan 23, 2013: Although Congress voted to extend SNAP on Jan. 1 as part of the Farm Bill, they did make significant cuts to the already fragile program.

Incidence of hunger in America continues to rise

Dec 4, 2012: One in 10 adults went without a basic need (food, medicine, or health care) in order to provide food for another family member.

Good and bad news in latest hunger report

Oct 23, 2012: The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012 (SOFI) shows worldwide hunger declined between 1990 and 2007 -- but millions still need food security.

Zero Hunger Challenge

Oct 23, 2012: UN has outlined a "Zero Hunger Challenge" to create food security around the world.

School holidays mean children go hungry

Sep 25, 2012: Feeding America's "Pack ‘til They’re Back!" program focuses on making sure kids have the food they need during weekends and school holidays.

More than 50 million Americans are food insecure

Sep 5, 2012: Approximately 50.1 million Americans live in "food insecure" households in 2011, an increase of 2.6 percent from 2010, according to a report released by the USDA yesterday.

Educating Girls Will End Poverty in the Sahel

Aug 22, 2012: Educating girls is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in the Sahel.

Niger Suffering the Worst Effects of the Crisis in the Sahel

Aug 15, 2012: Over eight million people are suffering the disastrous effects of violence, famine, and drought in the Sahel region of Africa—but perhaps no country is at greater risk than Niger.

Safety net for poor continues to erode

Jul 31, 2012: Researchers found that low-earning U.S. workers are actually worse off than low-earning workers in all but seven peer countries.

Children, seniors, and disabled most impacted by SNAP cuts

Jul 31, 2012: "We strongly urge Congress to reject these cuts to SNAP. They should instead seek to protect and strengthen current food assistance programs as the Farm Bill process moves forward," said Feeding America Excecutive Director Vicki Escarra.

Hunger gap widens in the Sahel

Jul 26, 2012: CNN's David McKenzie reports from Africa's Sahel region where the hunger gap continues to shown in this video report.

Government aid needs to focus on healthy food

Jul 24, 2012: A "SNAP to Health" initiative in the United States could reduce food insecurity and obesity, according to experts.

The Sahel situation needs long-term strategy, says UN aid coordinator

Jul 23, 2012: Successive droughts combined with conflict and displacement have placed millions people, including more than one million young children, into crisis in nine countries.

Sahel droughts coming more frequently

Jul 20, 2012: As droughts occur more frequently in the Sahel region, the hunger crisis grows.

House Agriculture Committe keeps cuts to food assistance

Jul 12, 2012: The House Agriculture Committee kept more than $35 billion in cuts to food and farm programs in the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management (FARRM) Act.
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