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Latest Save Wildlife Articles

Women's Enterprise in Africa: Weaving a Brighter Future

Mar 17, 2014: The African Wildlife Foundation took a unique approach to improving the quality of life for women by linking them to the health and well-being of the national park.

What's Happening to Honey Bees?

Sep 26, 2013: Starting around the year 2006, average losses of worker bees skyrocketed from 5-10% a year to about 30%.

More than 25,000 Bumblebees Dead in Oregon

Jun 24, 2013: Following national pollinator week, the thoughtless use of a controversial type of pesticide has killed more than 25,000 native bumblebees in Wilsonville, Oregon. The bumblebees died as a direct result of the application of Safari, a neonicotinoid pesticide, that was applied inappropriately to more than 50 blooming linden trees in a Target parking lot.

Decoding Prairie Dog Language May Let Us Talk To Animals

Jun 7, 2013: A North Arizona professor's research into prairie dog language uses Artificial Intelligence software to translates yips into English.

Preserving Imperiled Habitat Is Now Even Easier

Mar 12, 2013: Thanks to new navigation and a more intuitive interface, helping your favorite cause is always just a click away. Read about five easy ways to help at The Rainforest Site.

IFAW asks people pledge to stop poaching

Dec 4, 2012: On Wildlife Conservation Day, IFAW focuses attention on how poaching and other crimes against wildlife are endangering species around the world.

How to save tigers...before time runs out

Aug 28, 2012: As this upbeat but urgent video from the World Wildlife Fund reminds us, there's no time to wait: save tigers now by saving their habitat!

Rare Rhinos Spotted in Indonesia

Aug 14, 2012: A team of Leuser forest rangers spotted the nearly extinct, two-horned rhinos while conducting a survey last year.

Teenage leopards pose for the camera

Aug 1, 2012: The Snow Leopard Trust's not-so-hidden camera became a source of entertainment for a pair of enchanting cubs in this video.

Baby sloth is a video star

Feb 5, 2012: Judy Avey-Arroyo runs only sanctuary in the world devoted to saving orphaned and injured sloths, some of whom have become an internet sensation.

Pandas unfreeze bamboo in winter

Dec 20, 2011: Here is how the panda makes it through the winter months, including clever ways to warm up its food source.

Elephant Herd Saves a Drowning Elephant Calf

Nov 22, 2011: In an awesome display of teamwork an entire herd of elephants comes the aid of a calf that has fallen into a river and is sure to drown. Elephants are, in ever sense of the word, herd animals and they always look out for one another!

Very Special Penguins

Nov 3, 2011: Film maker and writer Terry Jones discovers a colony of penguins, which are unlike any other penguins in the world.

The Miracle That Is Our World

Oct 26, 2011: Be humbled by this video that photographer Terje Sorgjerd shot on El Teide, Spain´s highest mountain. Enjoy!

Lyre bird mimics other birds.. and chainsaws & camera shutters

Oct 25, 2011: David Attenborough presents the amazing lyre bird, which mimics the calls of other birds - and chainsaws and camera shutters. This clever creature is one of the most impressive and funny in nature, with unbelievable sounds to match the beautiful pictures
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