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Latest Environment Articles

Women's Enterprise in Africa: Weaving a Brighter Future

Mar 17, 2014: The African Wildlife Foundation took a unique approach to improving the quality of life for women by linking them to the health and well-being of the national park.

Conserving Water in China's Driest Place

Dec 9, 2013: The Turpan Basin in China is the nation's hottest and driest region. Access to water is precious and limited, but the farmers depend on it to help their crops flourish.

Happy Cows Help Save the Planet

Oct 9, 2013: This video clip from the World Bank features a number of innovative programs that have made Costa Rica a world leader in agricultural and forestry practices designed to reduce global warming through lessening carbon output.

Question What's Inside Music Video

Oct 4, 2013: This music video by Rob Herring and produced by Mercola encourages people to 'question what's inside' their food when they shop.

America's Wolves Need Your Help!

Oct 1, 2013: Barely back from the brink of extinction, America's wolves are under the gun. Defenders of Wildlife is waging an unprecedented initiative to convince the Interior Department to step up to its responsibilities and follow through on our nation’s commitment to restore gray wolves.

What's Wrong With Our Food System – TED Talk by Birke Baehr

Sep 30, 2013: NFL player or organic farmer? For eleven-year-old Birke Baehr, the choice was clear after learning more about where his food comes from.

What's Happening to Honey Bees?

Sep 26, 2013: Starting around the year 2006, average losses of worker bees skyrocketed from 5-10% a year to about 30%.

20 Years of Human Rights

Sep 13, 2013: For 20 years, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has fought to ensure all nations on the globe work to make the ideals enshrined within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a reality.

Facts About Fracking

Aug 28, 2013: Fracking is a recent technological development used for extracting natural gas from rock. While the technique has increased the availability of natural gas, it has caused numerous environmental public health and environmental concerns.

Learn What You Can Do to Conserve Water

Aug 26, 2013: If population growth continues on the staggering pace it has for the last century, there might not be enough water to go around. The threat of a global water crisis is a real possibility.

Soil Conservation Benefits Farmers in China

Aug 12, 2013: Soil erosion is among the major environmental problems in southwest China, threatening the livelihood of millions of rural poor people. Water shortages were also a serious problem for the people living in the region.

Tips for Avoiding GMOs

Aug 5, 2013: This video features some easy ways to quickly identify if an item is GMO. Did you know you can sometimes tell if produce is genetically modified by its PLU number? Did you know that there are certain crops that should be almost entirely avoided if trying to cut GMOs from your diet?

What is a GMO?: A Brief Explanation

Aug 2, 2013: With all this talk about GMO's, it's worth taking a moment to explain what exactly makes a food product GMO or not. Essentially, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are plants and animals that has had its DNA changed to produce a certain outcome, often helping plants fight off bugs and other potential risks, which in turn ensures a stable yield for farmers.

Going Plastic Free For An Albatross

Jul 31, 2013: Learn how to go plastic free in one minute at a time in this inspiring What You Can Do video.

Keeping Your Backyard And Campground Bear Free

Jun 27, 2013: Every summer, yearling bears go wandering, looking for easy snacks in suburban yards and park campgrounds. Here's some tips on how to discourage them nicely.
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