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WYCD Fans Save An Acre of Rainforest

In April, the web series What You Can Do urged fans to Share And Save A Square on Facebook in honor of Earth Day. Fans rushed to The Rainforest Site's Facebook page and shared the post more than 5,000 times. The video was viewed more than 11,000 on WYCD's YouTube channel.

In honor of that support, will donate an acre of rainforest.

"What You Can Do always has been a huge supporter of our online efforts to help people, pets, and the planet," said Elizabeth Baker, executive director of "Last year, they helped us raise more than $55,000 for animal rescue groups with the $50K in 50 Days program."

The innovative web series urges watchers to "be the change that you want to be in the world" and, like GreaterGood, tackles numerous issues.

Behind The Scenes With What You Can Do:

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