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Sourcing RUTFs Locally Helps Haitian Economy Too

This week, videographer Lynn Peterson toured the new manufacturing site of Meds & Food For Kids in Haiti.

The company's Plumpy Nut-Medika Momba program helps malnourished chidlren return to full wealth through a mix of peanuts, vitamins, and minerals.

"Every batch is painstakingly quality controlled and tested in Haiti and the US to make sure that it meets UNICEF's standards," said Peterson.

Approximately 70,000 Haitian children currently suffer from severe malnutrition. All of the Plumpy Nut - Medika Momba made in Haiti is distributed though NGO/nonprofits there.

"Every three minutes they produce enough for one child to have the three month supply needed," Peterson said. "It costs less than $70 to supply enough for one child and a lot less than it would take to have a child go to the hospital and be put on IV's and other treatments."

Programs like this not only save children's lives, they also create hundreds of jobs -- from Haitian peanut farmers to employees at the plant. 

"What an amazing social enterprise," Peterson said at th end of the day. "Their biggest wish is to eradicate malnutrition completely in Haiti. They'd love to be able to close shop and not be needed at all. But until then, they will produce as much Plumpy Nut - Medika Momba as they possibly can to keep up with the demand." supports programs like this through Gifts That Give More [tm] and other projects at the GreaterGood websites.

Photo of Haitian peanut field and local workers by Lynn Peterson.

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