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Rescue Bank's April Deliveries Top 183,000 Pounds

Every month, Rescue Bank delivers thousands of pounds of pet food to animal rescue and adoption groups courtesy of GreaterGood’s The Animal Rescue Site’s "Click Here To Give" program. In April, total distribution exceeded 183,000 pounds of pet food for shelters and animal rescue groups.

In April, their deliveries included 9 pallets (6,033 lbs) for Waco Humane Society to help the families of West, TX; a distribution in Dallas of 32 pallets (39,427 lbs) for other Texan animal rescue groups and shelters; 33 pallets at PAWS NY (41,720 lbs) for animal groups and those still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy; 32 pallets (39,691 pounds) at AlterPet in Ohio; 41 pallets (42,683 pounds) at No Kill Louisville in Kentucky; and 34 pallets (13,763 pounds) at Ozark Haven Rescue in Missouri.
At every distribution point, literally dozens of rescue groups and their volunteers come to unload the trucks and fill up the bowls at their shelters and foster homes. Thank you letters sent to Rescue Bank often state that these type of donations not only help feed pets today but also free up funds for groups to expand spay/neuter programs, vaccinations, and other vital services for their communities.

Since 2011, Rescue Bank has been a “click” charitable partner of The Animal Rescue Site. Tens of thousands of people visit The Animal Rescue Site daily to click the purple button and make a free donation to feed animals (clicks are paid for by sponsoring advertisers).

Mars Petcare US, makers of PEDIGREE® and WHISKAS® brands among others, supports Rescue Bank's work through donations of petfood. Funding from The Animal Rescue Site helps underwrite the cost of distribution, paying for trucks and equipment necessary to move thousands of these pallet loads out of warehouses and factories to the shelters who need it most. With this support and other donations from GreaterGood and The Animal Rescue Site, Rescue Bank has been able to expand their program from the Southwest region to more than 30 states annually.

So far in 2013, Rescue Bank has sent nearly 50 trucks filled with pallets of pet food to Missouri, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, Michigan, California, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Nevada, New York, and Kentucky.


Visitors to The Animal Rescue Site can support Rescue Bank's efforts to expand their deliveries by contributing through a click at The Animal Rescue Site or  a donation through's Gifts That Give More.

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