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Preserving Imperiled Habitat Is Now Even Easier

Amazon Rainforest

With a brand new look, The Rainforest Site offers the familiar "click to give" experience, where your clicks help preserve the Earth's endangered rainforests and other imperiled habitats. In addition, the new drop-down navigation menu provides quick and easy access to several more ways to help your favorite cause. With new navigation and a more intuitive interface, helping is always just a click away. You can:

Click. As always, your daily clicks protect threatened rainforests and their inhabitants. Last year alone, clicks saved more than 7,000 acres of rainforest from development and logging. Additional grants helped establish reserves and sanctuaries for some of the world's threatened and endangered species around the globe.

Take the Tour

Subscribe. With the easy-to-use subscription form, you can sign up to receive a daily click reminder, news, special offers and more. Plus, for every first-time subscriber, The Rainforest Site will also fund preservation of an extra 91 square feet of land.

Take Action. Sign a petition or a pledge to help your cause. Take Action campaigns offer a variety of ways to help, from preserving precious habitat to protecting vulnerable species. Stay informed and make your voice heard!

Share. The Rainforest Site also provides a space for people to connect with one another, united in the common goal of preserving our shared environment. More clicks means more land saved, so help spread the word.

Red-Necked TanagerDonate. Looking for ways to contribute directly to the cause? With the Gifts That Give More™ program, 100% of your donation passes through to our nonprofit charity partners, and GreaterGood covers the costs.

And don't forget you can shop at The Rainforest Site Store, where every item sold preserves at least 1,145 square feet of rainforest land. Grants go to help great charities, including The Nature Conservancy, Rainforest Conservation Fund, and World Land Trust-US. In 2012, purchases at the store saved an additional 1,259 acres of rainforest.

Of course, there's always more to do at The Rainforest Site: Read "Wildfacts A-Z" about the planet's numerous and varied inhabitants or calculate your environmental footprint with tips on how to minimize your impact. For more on the site redesign, take the tour or just feel free to explore.

Having trouble viewing the new site? Visit our FAQ page for technical assistance.

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