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Natural disaster in Eritrea and Ethiopia

A volcano explosion on June 12 is affecting water and food sources and is now causing hunger problems in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

In a report from Ethiopia's Afar Disaster Prevention and Food Security Programs Coordination Office, the volcano eruption has caused "increased reports of livestock mortality, migration, critical water shortage, human health problems and rising malnutrition."

Residents of Afar are currently being advised not to eat local food in case it is contaminated.

"The dispatched team [of experts] went deep into the affected areas, up to 10km from [where] the volcano erupted; food there is [contaminated] by the volcanic ash," said Mohammed Arin, a nutritionist in Afar, to IRIN.

According to the Eritrean Ministry of Information, nationals that were displaced because of volcanic eruptions are in good health and there is no sign of any noticeable communicable diseases.

The emergency aid group is continuing to assist the citizens that have been displaced. The continued smoke emission is not a significant health concern, though it may cause itching, according to the Ministry.
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