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Meet Ziggy, A Most Unusual Equine

ZiggyCleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch’s new resident, Ziggy, arrived late last year. Just like all new arrivals, the zebra/donkey cross had to go through a two week quarantine process before being released to mingle with the large herd.

Once let loose in the field, Ziggy headed immediately to the lone donkey there.

Unsure how that resident would react to the colorful Ziggy, the care staff kept a close eye on the pair, but the donkey led Ziggy directly to the big herd.

After a short pause and what seemed to be a deep breath, Ziggy took off in a full sprint, racing around this new found group of companions. Eventually, Ziggy came to halt in front of Gunter the zony, a zebra/pony cross. Suddenly, stripes seemed quite the usual garb for a fellow.

These days, the staff reports that Ziggy is doing very well and even has his own band of donkeys that he leads around as if he’s lived at Black Beauty Ranch his entire life.

The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is a world-renowned animal sanctuary in Murchison, Texas. Its nearly 1,300 acres are home to more than 1,200 domestic and exotic animals, including many "discards" from circuses, roadside zoos, and the exotic pet trade. supports their efforts through the Gifts That Give More program and other donations made possible by The Animal Rescue Site.

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