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Lekotek scholarships aid children with autism

With a GreaterGood Network scholarship for play sessions at Lekotek, five-year-old Carlos is learning to socialize more with others.

Each day, his parents see that Carlos is learning and growing. Play time at Lekotek and at home following advice from Lekotek specialists allow them to be able to share more as a family.

“I am very thankful for  the services that Lekotek provides, especially with the Play Specialist that works with us!” said Carlos' father in a recent letter sent by Lekotek to

A March 2012 report from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated a far higher number of children have autism than previously suspected. However, medical evidence also indicates that children who are identified early and who receive therapies like play therapy have the best chance for reaching their full potential.

Lekotek scholarships funded by are made possible by contributions from The Autism Site.  To learn more, click here.

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