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Hope for food security in Uganda

The northeastern region of Uganda is typically known for having food insecurity, malnutrition and a large number of impoverished citizens. However, things seem to be looking up, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) told IRIN.

"We don't have any indicators that anything extraordinary will happen soon," Hakan Tongul, deputy head of WFP in Uganda, told the news source. "The rains were late and the people experienced a lean season in June-July, but there is no evidence that anything is abnormal."

Tongul added that as of now, only about 10 percent of the population needs food assistance, but that through existing humanitarian programs and government aid, those requiring food and water should have access to it with no need of any outside help.

WFP will still be watching the region closely over the next few months during the harvest of maize, soghum and pulses, which contributes to over 25 percent of the annual food requirements in the area, the news outlet reports.

Although the improvements could help the country, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) reported in May that acute malnutrition rates are still among the highest in the world, with 20.4 percent of the children suffering from acute malnutrition.
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