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GreaterGood 2012 grants stock library and school shelves

Pads for continued to support literacy programs worldwide through such organizations as First Book and Room To Read.  These programs target the millions of primary school children without access to books in their homes and limited availability of reading materials at local schools.

Additional grants helped advance the cause of equal education for girls in some of the poorest countries in the world. 

For example, GreaterGood grants to the Nepal Youth Foundation  (formerly known as Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation) helped free girls from indentured servitude and provide them with an education. NYF helps children ranging from kindergarten through college and their efforts successful break the cycle of poverty that leads to parents selling their girls into service. also support similar efforts by Community Partners International's efforts to move Burma's girls into schools and discourage the practice of child marriage or indentured servitude.

In Afghanistan, Razia’s Ray of Hope has used grants to support the Zabuli Education Center for girls in Deh'Subz. Scholarships at the Fabindinia School in Rajasthan, India, also made it possible for girls to receive an education traditionally reserved for boys in their community.

Additional grants also provided secondary education for young women in Africa, India, and Central Asia through nonprofits as Eliminate Poverty Now, CAMFED, Darfur Peace and Development Organization, and others.

GreaterGood funded 8,355 books through shopping at The Literacy Site store and 258,385 books for literacy programs through The Literacy Site’s "Click Here To Give" program.

Overall,’s contributions to charity exceeded $2.6 million in 2012.


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