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Founder of Earth Policy Institute discusses wheat and national security

Lester Russel Brown, the founder of the Earth Policy Institute, and author of the new book "World on the Edge" spoke recently with in regards to food security, wheat and the new meaning of national security in the 21st century.

According to Brown, national security in the future will no longer mean military offensives and defense strategies, as was defined during the two world wars and the Cold War. Brown believes that national security will be increasingly tied to climate change, food security and the ability to sustain growing populations.

"[If] you mention the term 'national security' to someone today, at least in Washington, people will automatically think of the military. But ...if I start with a clean pad and say 'What are the threats to our future today?' It is climate change, falling water tables, population growth, soil erosion, ice caps meting, a whole series of issues," Brown told the news source.

The American environmentalist also spoke about the conditions of wheat farming in Europe. He mentioned that rice yields have plateaued in Japan and a similar wheat plateau in Europe would mean the necessity for population policy changes.

A recent grant from the British government and the American Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated millions of dollars to universities for research into wheat disease.
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