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Five Mothers Who Inspired Mercy Corps

Around the world, Mercy Corps works to empower women through education, assistance, and economic development. They know that aid given to mothers like the five shown below creates “bold leaders, fierce guardians and catalysts for change within their communities.” In turn, those who work for Mercy Corps talk constantly about how they are inspired by these women, who work so hard and need so little to make the future brighter for their sons and daughters. supports Mercy Corps and their efforts to end poverty and hunger through the “Click To Give” program at The Hunger Site and Gifts That Give More.

Recently, Mercy Corps shared the following stories about mothers around the world who have inspired them. We reproduce these photos here with their permission.

The Mothers Who Inspire Mercy Corps:

Liberia: Jeanette, mother of four daughters and two sons, received agricultural training and increased her harvests. Now she can sell her extra crops, in addition to feeding her family. “We are able to send our children to school. We can care for ourselves.” Photo by Nancy R. Farese for Mercy Corps

Yemen: In this poverty-ridden country, where more than half the population can’t afford food, malnutrition has been a chronic problem. Vouchers help Ayesha ensure her children get the nutrition they need. Photo by Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

Ethiopia: Taiko is doing what it takes to make sure her daughter receives an education. She used a Mercy Corps loan to start a business in her village and an accompanying scholarship will ensure her daughter Kuye graduates from high school. Photo by Joni Kabana for Mercy Corps

Colombia: Adriana was fighting with the rebels at age 11. After going through the child soldier rehabilitation program offered by Mercy Corps, she joined their team as a mentor to young people going through the same transition and is building a stable, secure life for her son. Photo by Miguel Samper for Mercy Corps

Central African Republic: Many unwed mothers are rejected by their families. Lacking education, many have no means to take care of themselves. Elodie is learning how to start and run a small business so she can provide for herself and her children. Photo by Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps.
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