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Children received basic healthcare through GreaterGood 2012 grants

PIHIn 2012, continued to support efforts to improve the health of children around the world.

The largest single beneficiary was Partners In Health. grants to this organization focused on fighting cholera in Haiti, vitamin A supplements (which prevent blindness, among other infant diseases), and oral rehydration.

Additional funding supported pre-natal programs and midwifery services in Africa, Nepal, and Tibet, reducing infant mortality and giving their mothers a better chance to raise healthy children. funding also went to Splash (formerly A Child’s Right), HALO Trust, and Prosthetics Outreach Foundation, among others, to pipe clean water into schools and hospitals, assist in landmine removal, and provide surgical support to children born with clubfoot.

“In Vietnam, we are moving ahead with a countrywide clubfoot treatment program, a program that you help us pilot…this year, we expect even more children to see their feet corrected and avoid lifelong disability,” wrote POF executive director Winifried Danke in March.

December finished with a generous donor putting up a matching grant for POF programs equaling up to $5,000 in additional donations for the group.

Overall, GreaterGood’s “Click Here to Give” program at The Child Health Site provided basic health services to 455,826 children worldwide, which shopping at The Child Health Site store helped 49,177 children.

In 2013, the GreaterGood websites to benefit children's healthcare were reorganized into three major groups: prevention and care in the developing world is now supported through the Click To Give program at The Hunger Site; research and treatment of childhood diabetes at The Diabetes Site; and therapy and research for autism at The Autism Site. It is hoped with these changes that GreaterGood will be able to increase support of child healthcare programs around the world.

Supporters can still make Gifts That Give More [tm] focused on childhealth care at and other GreaterGood websites.


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