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Canadian commander in NATO speaks on Libyan humanitarian situation

Not everyone is seeing Italy's proposal for a humanitarian ceasefire in Libya as a good thing, according to a new report from the Globe and Mail.

According to Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, a ceasefire could give Gaddafi forces an opportunity to strengthen and rearm themselves. Bouchard spoke with Canadian reporters over the phone about the proposed humanitarian ceasefire.

"A ceasefire, temporary in nature, cannot be just an opportunity for both sides to reload and to engage in further violence down the road. We must continue to stay engaged," said Bouchard, according to the news source. "We must continue to stay engaged to prevent that rearming and reinforcement from taking place."

Bouchard added that Gaddafi could use the ceasefire as an opportunity to move utilities and equipment.

Britain and France have also disagreed with the call for a ceasefire, according to the Guardian.
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