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Bragg continues to speak out on humanitarian concerns

The Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Catherine Bragg has returned from a recent trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is speaking out once more - this time from UN headquarters - about the need for humanitarian assistance.

"Among humanitarian partners we need to revisit our analysis of security, and seek ways that allow us to stay, rather than to leave. When we do that, when we have more access, we can gain better understanding and more information on humanitarian needs and then provide the life-saving assistance," said Bragg.

Bragg conceded that the fight for more humanitarian assistance will likely go on for a long time. However, she urges that people continue to do as much as they can to limit humanitarian crises around the world.

Many other humanitarian efforts are currently under way. The government of the UK announced in conjunction with the Gates Foundation that more than $2 billion would be donated to help provide vaccines for children in developing countries. However, the need for humanitarian assistance extends far beyond vaccines, as countries such as the DRC are still steeped in violence.
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